As an agent, you must manage and help the player build a great career. To reach that goal, a player needs much guidance.

In modern football, tactical decisions are one of the most essential skills for a player. At Tactalyse, we can help your players improve in that area. Just like you help or advise the player to get individual experts for their technical skills, physical ability, mental state, and health choices, we can help your player make better decisions on the pitch, leading to better results.

We do this through online tactical sessions, in which the players will learn to understand all game situations, which makes it easier for them to make the right decisions on the pitch. To try our services, we always provide a online free trial session.


  • Increasement value players
  • Cognitive smarter players
  • Improvement statistics
  • Players fit better in the team tactics of the club/coach
  • Adaptable to the team tactics of the club/coach


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To dive specifically into every fundamental, the players get the knowledge they can adjust to their game.

All In Sport Agency

It is so beneficial for the players to understand every game situation better and develop within this every week.

GROW Sports Management

Our players improved their statistics and play through online video coaching.