To dive specifically into every fundamental, the players get the knowledge they can adjust to their game.


It is so beneficial for the players to understand every game situation better and develop within this every week.

All In Sport Agency

Our players improved their statistics and play through online video coaching.

GROW Sports Management

Tactalyse opens up a completely new way of seeing the game & the Video analyst course is a great place to get started. The course served as a great platform for me to get acquainted with the Tactalyse methodology, which is very unique and different from the conventional analytical approach

Mishal ThanveerEx-India U17 video analyst

What is Tactalyse an eye-opener in the football world!

SC Cambuur

The specific video coaching gives the players new insight into the game.

Go Ahead Eagles

It is special how deeply Tactalyse goes into data and video coaching to make players better

Vincent RossiScout
The data from Tactalyse is very specific, never seen before.

Icoon voor Geverifieerd door de community
Marcus JenkinsScout

This is the golden egg. Simply because this is analyzing at the individual level.

David VechtFounder - Vecht Sports Consultancy

Compliments about the content.

Thomas OostendorpHead coach - 1. FC Nürnberg Women