Tactalyse opens up a completely new way of seeing the game & the Video analyst course is a great place to get started. The course served as a great platform for me to get acquainted with the Tactalyse methodology, which is very unique and different from the conventional analytical approach

Mishal ThanveerEx-India U17 video analyst

Tactalyse has been a key factor for my education in analysing individuals and the ability to see everything in detail using the knowledge has been one of my distinct learnings in my life. The course offered by Tactalyse is a well-structured learning platform which allows an individual to learn through experience and sharing opinions.

Akhilesh AshokEx Analyst - Minerva Academy

The Video Course was exactly what I was looking for and it was a perfect step for me going ahead in my coaching career. The course helped me to intensify my knowledge and expand my thought process regarding analysing an individual player through the fundamentals.



Aiswaryan PillaiHyderabad FC U15 head coach