Tactalyse makes use of a unique independently developed methodology, which is based on scientific knowledge and practical examples of football, basketball, field hockey, volleyball, ice hockey, and handball. 

While offering our services, performance coaches keep looking for ways to improve and expand our methodology. Furthermore, our head of methodology has a full-time job in innovating and further developing our methodology. In the weekly organized education hour, video coaches and performance coaches give feedback and show ways to improve the current methodology. Below is a short explanation of the core of our methodology, which is based on fundamentals.

Tactalyse works with Fundamentals. A fundamental is the optimal response in a game situation. We make use of position-based individual, team, and line fundamentals. Fundamentals are related to:

* Formation

* Strategy

* Coach

Through our structured analyses we make the invisible visible, making it possible to improve your tactical knowledge. By visualizing similar game situations and the tactical decisions made in those situations, we can create tactical awareness in that specific situation. As a result, players and coaches will start to quickly recognize specific situations, enabling them to anticipate on that situation.