Individual tactical coaching

As a professional player, every decision you make on the pitch can impact the game’s outcome. Knowing which actions to take in different game situations is essential to have a significant impact.

Tactalyse can help you improve your decision-making on the pitch. Whether you aim to enhance your positioning as an attacker or your duels as a defender, we have the tools to help.

We will help you by analysing your games. Together with a Tactical Performance Coach, you will do weekly sessions to review your game performances and improve week by week.

Working with Tactalyse offers you several benefits, such as a better understanding of the game, improved decision-making skills on the pitch, a rise in transfer value, improvement of essential statistics, increased confidence and focus on the pitch, and a tailor-made service.

Benefits of individual tactical coaching

  • Improved decision-making skills on the pitch
  • Rise transfer value
  • Improvement essential statistics
  • Increased confidence and focus


  • Player analysis (+/-) 400 clips + Tactalyse clips
  • Personal online sessions with a performance coach
  • Progression data report
  • Pre-match video’s
  • WhatsApp support

What do our players say?

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