In the modern-day game, details determine the difference between winning and losing. As a coach, it is therefore essential to see the individual behaviours of football players.

The Tactalyse Master aims to teach you to recognize all game situations per position. The program ensures that once you have completed the master, you can integrate the acquired knowledge into your philosophy.


To optimize each participant’s learning experience in the Tactalyse Master, only 10 spots are available. Secure your spot by signing up before July 1st.

The Master offers

  • In-depth insight into a unique and effective working methodology.
  • Access to video database, providing valuable resources for understanding the fundamentals.
  • Gaining insight into the Tactalyse coaching approach.
  • Individual attention to ensure that you maximize your learning experience within the master.

Essential information

  • Start September 2024
  • Duration 9 months
  • Tuesday 19.00-21.00 CET
  • Online

Daan Guldemond

David Vecht

Thomas Oostendorp

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Tactalyse Master 24-25

David Vecht
Founder - Vecht Sports Consultancy

This is the golden egg. Simply because this is analyzing at the individual level.

Thomas Oostendorp
Head coach - 1. FC Nürnberg Women

Compliments about the content.

Rene Hake
Head coach - Go Ahead Eagles

You trigger me the way the Master is taught.